Synonyms and related words:
abolishment, abolition, acquitment, acquittal, acquittance, agiotage, amortization, amortizement, annihilation, annulment, arbitrage, assassination, binder, bloody murder, bumping-off, buying in, cash, cash payment, cashiering, choking, choking off, clearance, debt service, deconsecration, defrayal, defrayment, defrocking, deportation, deposal, deposit, deposition, deprivation, deracination, detachment, dethronement, disbarment, disbarring, disbursal, discard, discharge, discrownment, disenthronement, disjunction, dismissal, displacement, disposal, disposition, doling out, down payment, earnest, earnest money, ejection, elimination, equity capital, eradication, excommunication, exile, expatriation, expulsion, extermination, extinction, extinguishment, extirpation, firing, flier, flutter, forced resignation, foul play, hire purchase, hire purchase plan, homicide, impeachment, installment, installment plan, interest payment, kicking upstairs, manslaughter, monthly payments, murder, negation, never-never, nullification, ostracism, ousting, outlawing, outlawry, overthrow, overthrowal, paying, paying off, paying out, paying up, payment, payment in kind, payoff, pensioning off, plunge, prepayment, profit taking, purge, purging, quarterly payments, quittance, regular payments, remittance, removal, retirement, riddance, rooting out, round trade, satisfaction, scalping, settlement, severance, silencing, sinking-fund payment, snuffing out, speculation, spot cash, spot sale, stifling, stockjobbery, stockjobbing, strangulation, suffocation, superannuation, suppression, suspension, thuggee, thuggery, thuggism, turn, unchurching, unfrocking, unseating, uprooting, venture, venture capital, voiding, weekly payments, withdrawal

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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